Les Nuances

Eco-friendly charts

Biodegradable and recyclable

The culture of ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY and RECYCLE is day by day more important for companies that want to pay a special attention to the environment.

LES NUANCES is very careful that the green philosophy is respected during all production steps, from paper to glue until packaging.

We cooperate with the most important European certified paper mills which supply us natural papers and cardboards, FSC certified, made of pure cellulose, completely biodegradable and recyclable.

For this reason, in the last years we have added, to the classic production of FASHION color charts, special catalogues printed on NATURAL PAPERS ranging from those with a wood effect, to kraft, until leaf effect, for supporting all companies who care about ECO-SUSTAINABILITY.

That’s why we decided to create a GREEN SOLUTION KIT for inspiring our customers for producing a green packaging.