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European hair, mostly coming from Northern countries, is very thin and fragile and it has often already undergone chemical processes such as bleaching, pressing or perms; Chinese hair is instead too thick and therefore it is not compatible with our hair and is unfit for extensions.

Finally there is Indian hair, of which two kinds are offered on the market.

One comes from the collection of the hair remained in brushes, and it is obvious that it will include hair of different quality, length, thickness and colour. Furthermore, the scales, representing the basic structure of the hair, will be inevitably ranged in different directions; therefore, in order to be employed, this hair has to undergo an aggressive chemical process that destroys the cuticle and leaves the hair dull and fragile. Consequently, the hair has to be coated with silicone so that it will appear beautiful, silky and shiny. However, after a while the silicone layer starts dissolving and from silky and shiny the hair will become dry and dull again, while the scales arranged in the opposite directions tend to get entangled.

As a result this hair can be used only to produce wigs and toupees that will be dry cleaned.

The other comes instead from women donating their hair during Hindu rituals in temples; in this case the locks are tied before being cut. In this way, the hair will not only include locks of one kind and colour, but the scales of its cuticle will also be arranged all in the same direction from the root to the tip.

This is the kind of hair we import and that, once in our laboratories, we process with the exclusive Natural Remy Hair system; this system respects the nature of the hair keeping its characteristics unchanged in time.

Apart from warranting the place of origin, Les Nuances certifies what working processes are performed on the hair in our laboratories: they consist in depigmentation and dyeing.
The first processing stage – its name is apparently impossible to pronounce – is a fundamental event in the working process of the hair because, as the word itself shows, we do not confine ourselves to hiding the colour as it happens with bleaching.

Rather, through highly advanced procedures and techniques, we remove the pigments, which during the dyeing stage will be replaced with our dyes. The latter will thus take the place left empty by the original pigment. In this way the integrity of the hair will not be threatened, the scales will keep an excellent quality and the result will be visible and long-lasting, so much so that not even frequent shampoos can alter such a result.