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Apart from the Natural Remy Hair, Les Nuances has recently adopted an inno- vative method to apply extension locks. It consists in applying a keratin layer at the top of each lock; differently from silicone, it does not damage the hair nature since it is part of it.

Moreover, the keratin is provided in the same colour as the lock itself: this allows to achieve a perfect application, totally invisible and without smears.
Les Nuances is also the exclusive distributor of an ultrasound equipment enabling hairdressers to apply extensions by using keratin in an even ea- sier and more natural way.

However, the success of our company is due not only to the quality of our products, to our innovative technologies, to the solidity of our econo- mical policy, but also to the wide range of products we are able to offer on the market.

Our extensions are offered in several forms and dimensions exactly to meet any need: Are you a practical woman enjoying novelties? Try nor- mal extensions. Do you want to do something more extreme? In this case why don’t you try crazy extensions? Are you tired of your straight hair but you don’t want to get a perm? Then choose wavy or even curly exten- sions. Are you going to a special party?

Surprise everybody with double colours extensions. In short, we offer an incredibly wide variety: as a matter of fact, all our range is provided in the following lengths: 30 cm, 40 cm, 50 cm and 60 cm, in packages contai- ning 25 even locks and in all the colour range.