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Cure Extension

Beauty Tips

Disentagle every day hair with fingers starting from top to bottom of hair. Brush hair with the special brush for extension, well holding together the junction of hair with hands.

2_The correct treatment.
Hair Extension is not inserted in scalp, consequently it is not supplied with natural nutritious substances. LES NUANCES HAIR EXTENSION products help to replace these substances. Therefore it is very important to take care of you locks with original LES NUANCES products, specially prepared.

3_How to wash hair: step by step.
Before washing, disentangle correctly hair and the joint point with fingers. Wet hair and apply the Straighte­­­­ning fluid that close the scales and loosen knots, then comb hair. Proceed to wash with the Shampoo Naturelle, avoiding to message the scalp not to create knots in joint points. Rinse hair and apply the Restructuring Serum on all the hair to regenerate it and to protect it from the stress and the daily pollution.

4_ Drying and phon.
After washing, wipe carefully hair with a towel without rubbing and apply Straightening Fluid. Subsequently dry with the hairdryer, first the join points and then all the hair. Drying must be done at a moderate temperature (remember that hair extension is devoided of natural nutritious substances, it undergoes more the effects of high temperature, so when we proceed brushing, we must use phon or hair plate moderately). However hair extension holds twice more the set.

5_Sleep without problems
Before going to bed, tie hair or make a braid to avoid knots and ruffle of hair.